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Evans Day

Evans day this year was a great time for our lab members. We had the opportunity to see posters from four of our members, both current and alumni; Eddie, George, Junxiang, and Sophia. All of our presenters did a great job explaining their research projects to give others a better idea of what they do! Congratulations to all of them and a special shout out and happy birthday wishes to Eddie! Group Photo at Evans Day 1 Session 2 Happy Birthday Eddie!

Eddie GSF Spotlight

On Friday October 6th one of our lab members and PhD students Eddie Ruiz was given a GSF spotlight to acknowledge his academic and professional progression to his current work in spatial omics.The mention highlights Eddie’s continuous efforts to ask important questions and contribute to new technological developments. Congrats Eddie! See link to read spotlight in full Eddie

Thank you Amelia (BRITE REU program)!

On Thursday August 10th Amelia Zug presented her Summer project in the Dries lab at the BRITE Mini-Symposium in the CDS building. Amelia did an amazing job, and together with members of our team, build an experimental and computational pipeline for high-throughput modeling of cellular cross-talk that is compatible with spatial multiplexing approaches. Amelia presenting Support team from the Dries lab & snacks

Eddie Hariri Award!

Congratulations Edward (Eddie) Ruiz on receiving the 2023 Hariri Institute for Computing Graduate Student Fellow award! See this link for more information.

Boston University CTSI Pilot grant!

The Dries lab received another pilot grant from the Boston University CTSI program. Together with Dr. Naomi Ko from the Breast Health Center at BMC we will explore how accurate current approaches and technologies for mapping breast cancer heterogeneity within a patient are. We hope that this will help understand the current limitations of such approaches and design the best ways to faithfully represent the tumor tissue of every single patient.

Eddie Summer Internship!

Edward (Eddie) Ruiz received an exciting Summer Internship for the 2023 Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics (SISG). We all know Eddie will have a great time at the University of Washington and look forward to hear what he has learned.

Jason Honorable Mention!

Jason Weis received an honorable mention from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. We have no doubt that he will excel in his graduate studies in the lab!

American Cancer Society grant!

The Dries lab is excited to receive a grant from the American Cancer Society (ACS) to pilot the establishment of clinical biopsy pipelines at Boston Medical Center, in collaboration with BMC, and to build the workflows and tools for applying multiplexed spatial in-situ RNA profiling (MERFISH) on primary breast cancer samples.

Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation grant!

The Dries lab is excited to receive a grant from the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) to profile the distinct and heterogeneous spatial landscape of neuroendocrine tumors.

STOmics grant!

The Dries lab is excited to receive an STOmics grant to perform Stereo-Sequencing on primary breast cancer samples. Stereo-seq technology


Giotto Suite awarded Chan Zuckerberg Initiative EOSS grant!

The Dries lab is excited to receive a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Essential Open Source Software for Science (EOSS) program to further develop and enhance the Giotto Suite platform. See link for more information: https://chanzuckerberg.com/eoss/proposals/enhancing-giotto-for-spatial-multi-resolution-technologies/ Giotto Suite logo

U01 supplement grant!

The Dries lab is excited to receive an NIH U01 supplement grant to investigate the spatial organization at the adipose-tumor interface and in collaboration with Dr. Gerald Denis, Dr. Naomi Ko, and Dr Stefano Monti.

Congratulations Sophia!

Our undergraduate student Sophia applied and received a UROP award for her work in our lab. It’s great to see that her work and efforts are being recognized and we thank the BU UROP program for their support! Sophia for the win!

Thank you Laila and Ceci (BRITE REU program)!

On Thursday August 11th Laila Norford and Cecilia ‘Ceci’ McCormick presented their summer projects at the BRITE Mini-Symposium in the Kilachand Center. Laila and Ceci both joined the Dries lab this summer as part of the BRITE REU program. Together with graduate students in the lab they worked on intricate problems in spatial data biology and performed exceptionally well. Their presence in the Dries lab will surely be missed and we wish them all the best in their early scientific careers! ...

Goodbye and Goodluck Emma Kelley!

On Friday August 5th, the Dries lab said Goodbye to our lab manager Emma Kelley. Emma was a part of the Dries lab for 2 years and made quite an impact. She will be starting a masters program in genetic counseling at University of Michigan. We would like to wish Emma the best of luck in her future endeavors.

High School Outreach at the Dries Lab!

The BU/BMC Hematology-Oncology Section hosted its first Summer Outreach program this year. Boston high schoolers with an interest in science were recommended by their teachers to join our floor for a week, learning about biomedical research. Dries lab members taught the high schoolers about DNA replication and cancer cell development and taught pipetting and H&E staining. It was great to be a part of this week, break down misconceptions about working in science, and meet future scientist...

Merscope Arrival!

Blog post coming soom….. Our new Merscope platform arrived today from Vizgen, the first in-situ spatial transcriptomics platform at BU. We can’t wait to start experiments!

Russek Day 2022

The 28th Annual Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day was held on May 6 and is an annual celebration of the work done by PhD students in the Graduate Medical Sciences Program at BUSM. This year, 3rd year Dries lab student George Chen took home a second place prize for his work generating and analyzing a 3D breast cancer dataset. George won a prize and everyone else got free lunch, so it was a great day all around. George and Ruben strike a power pose