Dries Lab The lab of Systems and Spatial Biology at Boston University School of Medicine

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The projects in our lab are centered around primary patient samples or pre-clinical modeling and are highly trans-disciplinary. They are situated at the interface of functional (single-cell) multi-omics, computational biology and (spatial) imaging to better understand the principles that steer changes in complex multicellular tissues. You will be working together with experts in these fields and will have the opportunity to be trained in one or more fields to become a well-rounded researcher. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting questions, creating and improving technological setups, performing experiments, and/or analyzing obtained datasets.

Since our lab atmosphere is highly collaborative we particularly encourage applications from individuals that have an open mind and work well in a team setting. Each person will have the opportunity to be the chief of their own project(s), but will be asked to give and take advice in a positive and constructive manner.

Current Openings

Postdoctoral Fellow(s) in Spatial biology

We’re looking for enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow(s) with an interest in spatial multi-omics. Ideally, this person has prior expertise in one or more of the following skills:

Our main focus is on breast cancer and associated cancer disparities, but we also have projects that investigate other cancer types (e.g. osteosarcoma) and the fetal liver niche. We offer a unique and inclusive environment and the opportunity to explore and work with new cutting edge tools, both experimental and computational, to grow as a scientist and develop the skills necessary for interdisciplinary research. In this role the fellow can also directly interact with our excellent (under)graduate students and provide mentorship and support where needed. Each individual will be given the opportunity to carve out an individual growth trajectory that matches their previous expertise and future goals.

If interested, please email a CV and a letter of intent to Ruben.