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We are a young and dynamic research group at BUMC in the department of Hematology and Medical Oncology and Computational Biomedicine. Using the latest advances in spatial and functional (single-cell) genomics, imaging and 3D tissue modeling we work at the interface of cancer biology, epigenetics and transcription. Our goal is to understand the transcriptional principles of cellular plasticity and its sources of variation in multicellular tissues in both health and disease. By generating experimental data and applying computational and statistical methods we aim to better understand - and intervene in - processes such as tumor formation and treatment resistance (see Research). We are particularly interested in improving diagnosis and treatment options for breast cancer and work together with our clinical collaborators at Boston Medical Center to eliminate racial disparities in cancer care and research.

Our Research

Tightly linked to the Boston Medical Center (BMC), we ask ourselves fundamental questions such as: How can we improve the quality of patients’ lives? What drives and controls cellular plasticity in development and tumor resistance? How do cells transcriptionally respond to targeted therapies and how can we steer it in the right direction? What is the role of signaling and cell communcation within the (tumor) microenvironment? And how can we ultimately leverage our knowledge to identify better biomarkers or novel therapy strategies?

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Our lab has developed Giotto, a suite of software tools, including data structures and methods, for the comprehensive analysis and visualization of spatial expression data.

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Do you have a passion for science and discovery? We are always on the lookout for researchers to join the team!

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Our work is made possible by funding from several organizations.