Join the team!

We are currently actively recruiting and are looking for new group members with passion and talent for science! We offer a fun, vibrant and exciting environment with strong emphasis on mentorship and direct one-to-one supervision and guidance.

The projects in our lab are often centered around clinical data or pre-clinical modeling and are highly trans-disciplinary. They are situated at the interface of functional (single-cell) multi-omics, computational biology and (spatial) imaging to better understand the principles that steer changes in complex multicellular tissues. You will be working together with experts in these fields and will have the opportunity to be trained in one or more fields to become a well-rounded researcher. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting questions, creating and improving technological setups, performing experiments, and/or analyzing obtained datasets.

Since our lab atmosphere is highly collaborative we particularly encourage applications from individuals that have an open mind and work well in a team setting. Each person will have the opportunity to be the chief of their own project(s), but will be asked to give and take advice in a positive and constructive manner. For more information please e-mail Ruben.

Current open positions

Research technician / Lab manager

We are currently looking to hire a (junior/senior) research technician and/or lab manager to move forward the experimental basis on which new biological insights can be built. The ideal candidate is comfortable performing wet lab experiments with a high degree of independence and is motivated and eager to get immersed in novel technologies. The experimental portion of this position includes cell culture, molecular biology, imaging and preparation of multi–omics experiments. Relevant experience in any of these areas will be an advantage. Besides being exposed to a broad range of experimental techniques and biological questions, you will have the opportunity to help kick-start and support a vibrant research group. The person we are looking for to join our team is proactive and enjoys optimizing how the lab functions. Together with Ruben you will work out the optimal strategy to operate a lab and become an invaluable part of our research operation. Interested applicants should e-mail Ruben with the following information: (i) a recent CV, including a brief summary of their current and past research experiences and (ii) a short statement on their current and future scientific interests. Important: please insert “Application Research Tecchnician” in the subject line.

(under) graduate positions

We strongly support scientific training, including both undergraduate and graduate research. Interested applicants can find more information about the process at Boston University on the following websites:

Postdoc positions

Our research interest are diverse and span a wide range of topics. Hence we are looking for energetic people from different backgrounds, including molecular biology, imaging, genomics, statistics, data science, that want to deepen their knowledge and/or learn about other fields. Interested postdoctoral fellows should e-mail Ruben with the following information: (i) a recent CV, including a summary of their current and past research experiences, (ii) a short statement on the types of projects that they are interested in pursuing in the Dries Lab, and (iii) contact information for 3 references. Important: please insert “Application Postdoc” in the subject line. More information can be found here.