21. September 2020
Welcome Emma Kelly, the official lab manager / research tech / data associate / … in the Dries lab.

01. September 2020
Welcome Jiaja “George” Chen, the first graduate student in the Dries lab.

07. August 2020
Ruben presented for the Spatial Omics Webinar Series and his talk can be viewed on .

14. May 2020
The lab received its first grant from MLSC to help combating COVID-19. Together with the labs of Dr. George Murphy and Dr. Christopher Andry we will develop an optimized large scale strategy to detect SARS-CoV-2 in the asymptomatic and underserved population.

07. May 2020
The lab will open its doors at the Boston University Medical Center in the departments of Hematology and Medical Oncology and Computational Biomedicine. We look forward to start fruitfull collaborations, publish exciting research, train the next generation of scientists and help the underserved communities in Massachusetts.

06. May 2020
Welcome to the Dries lab website — The lab is officially opening on August 1st !